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Where rates are headed as of

Mortgage interest rates have been
relatively stable over the last few
months until declines oil prices
combined with economic weakness
in Europe and Asia became headline
news. The economic news in the
United States has been mixed which
when combined with the weaker
broader economic picture has
allowed the Federal Reserve to take
a less hawkish in its statements
have led to the rate market being
more stable.  The reduction in
Federal Reserve bond purchases
(the Taper) is now coming to an end
with the market having taken this
into account for sometime now. The
news is baked into the current
rates.  Geopolitical happenings are
another key factor for rates with ISIS
and the Russian/Ukraine events also
helping support lower rates. The
road ahead for rates will be driven
by the direction of the US and world
economy including how Europe fairs
with its ongoing individual nation
debt issues. German bonds are fully
152+ basis points lower than similar
US bonds. The delta in yields is
helping keep US rates low.

Wholesale Interest Rates*
as of 12/2/2014 - note that
interest rates are in a constant
state of change - Please contact
me to find out the APR specific to
your unique situation


30 year fixed - 3.875%
15 year fixed - 3.
7/1 ARM - 3.25%
5/1 ARM - 3.00%

Priced at par for borrowers who
have a credit score of 720 or higher

Conforming High Balance (up to

30 year fixed - 3.99%
15 year fixed - 3.
7/1 ARM - 3.375%
5/1 ARM - 3.125%

Priced at par, 75% LTV
using full doc guidelines for
borrowers who have
a credit score of 740 or higher"

FHA/VA - $417,000 or less:

30 year fixed - 3.25%
15 year fixed - 3.
5/1 ARM - 2.875%

FHA - $417,001 or more:

30 year fixed - 3.5%
15 year fixed - 3.
5/1 ARM - 3.0%

FHA - Priced nearest to par for
borrowers who have a credit score
of 640 or higher
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